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35% discount

Coronavirus has adversely affected the hospitality industry more so than most others. It's been a kick in the teeth for us all.

There are no doubt more pressing concerns than photography, but at a time when once regular guests need to be encouraged to return, having a strong visual presence online can go a long way.

I’ve reduced existing rates to help businesses get back on track with producing eye-catching content for social. I've cut my hourly and day rates for photography by 35%, and am offering discounted, short-term retainer options for those who want to lock-in their marketing content for the next three to six months.

These discounts will be available to any bookings made throughout the year.

If you'd like to get in touch, whether to book a shoot or simply find out more, feel free to call or drop an email via the details below.

Take care & hope to see you soon.


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