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It snowed in Leeds this week. I know, what on earth? It even snowed onto some food I was photographing on an outdoor terrace at the time.

This can mean only one thing: Christmas isn't far away. I love this time of the year, but December has caught me completely unaware - so to get into the festive spirit I'm offering a special introductory discount to all new clients who book a photoshoot during this month: 50% off the final fee of the work, including both the shoot and the edit. Here it is again, in a font called Lulo Clean, which looks a bit cooler:

Much better.

However it looks, this 50% off could be great if you:

  • still need photography to underpin your Christmas marketing campaigns (take a look at my guide on this here)

  • have an event or product over the festive period that needs advertising (especially bars / restaurants offering seasonal menus & drinks)

  • are simply keen to take your company's visual marketing up a gear going into 2018

What's more, any shoots booked in December for a later date still receive a 25% discount - so if you have an important job that needs completing in January, say, you'll still benefit from booking it in now.

To claim this deal and get in touch, head to the Christmas Offer page, where you'll find contact details and a neat animation of some snow falling.

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas.

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