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Besides creating fresh and innovative content for brands, aimed at setting them ahead of the very latest visual trends and placing them on a fast-track towards a unique and carefully choreographed marketing strategy with highly stylised and tailor-made photo and video packages, I also like drinking gin.

'Like' may in fact be downplaying it - for me, there's no superior tipple.

Give me an excuse to combine gin, tonic and photography and I'll be there before you can say 'juniper'.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, which I presume next year will qualify as a bank holiday, I've gone for a Gin Mare with Lamb & Watt basil tonic (the latter I discovered only recently and my quality of life has since quadrupled), finished with some fresh basil and a twist of orange. Mare (Spanish for sea) is a gin that celebrates the different flavours integral to the Mediterranean, bringing together Italian basil, Greek thyme, Turkish rosemary and Spanish citrus fruits.

It's tasty. Cheers.

Gin Mare and tonic for International gin & tonic day


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