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The Labour leader visits Leeds on Monday ahead of his party's manifesto release. Setting up shop outside the Brudenell Social Club, Corbyn was met with cheers and spoke to thousands of attendees about healthcare, economic security and student living.

I'd had a meeting that lunchtime so afterwards headed into Hyde Park, where the much-loved Brudenell Social is located - I arrived at around 3:30pm, by which time there were already hundreds of people gathered - some sat on goalposts, others hanging from trees. As a photographer, I was allowed in the press area in front of the bench Corbyn was using as a pedestal, so had a good angle as he gave his talk.

Corbyn's speech was short, but focused, and struck a chord with many at the event. The real hero of the afternoon, however, was a kid sat on his dad's shoulders, waving a Labour placard to eruptions of applause from the crowd. Then he dabbed. With the placard. Everyone lost their cool.


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